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Our client was the defendant / appellee, Susan Hendricks, who was sued in an action to dissolve an irrevocable trust of which she was a beneficiary.  Her successful defense at trial was affirmed by Tennessee Court of Appeals in Carlynn Manning et al v. Dale K. Snyder et al, Polk County, Tennessee Chancery Court no. 7149 

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Following the affirming ruling by the Court of Appeals, the trial court awarded Ms. Hendricks judgment on her counter-claim for the attorney's fees she was required to expend in her defense during the litigation.




Six-figure policy limits settlement obtained for our clients in James H. McPherson, et al v. Jim R. Arnhardt, et al, Hamilton County, Tennessee Circuit Court no. 05C280. 


Six-figure policy limits settlement obtained for our client in Olin B. Careathers, et al v. Megan C. Forgey, et al, Hamilton County, Tennessee Circuit Court no. 07C185.


Six-figure policy limits settlement obtained for our client, the widow of a gentleman tragically killed in an automobile accident, in Frances Williams, et al v. Steven Scott Harvey, et al, Hamilton County, Tennessee Circuit Court no. 09C1400.




Suit was brought against several defendants including our client, the creditor in a transaction secured by collateral valued at approximately $2,000,000.00.  The successful defense and prosecution of our client's counter-claim resulted in recovery of the collateral and, following its sale and moving the Court for summary judgment, recovery of a six-figure settlement in J.Lynn, Inc., et al v. PACCAR Financial Corp., et al, Jefferson County, Alabama Circuit Court consolidated action nos. CV-2009-02570 & CV-2009-903087.